Sunday, May 24, 2020


It's about time to let everybody know that besides my regular artistic activities, I have a past as an actor, too. As a matter of fact I had a pivotal role in Luigi Comencini's 'La bohème' movie. My partners in that movie were also Jose' Carreras, Barbara Hendricks, Ciccio Ingrassia and other masters of opera and stage.
Here's a (actually 'the' would be more appropriate) fragment of that flick where my personality emerges and strengthens the whole plot.
I didn't disclose this past activity of mine before, because back then I was working for the Government with a special position under the Ministry of Defence, with tasks involving also missions around the country and the entertainment of our very President. Fortunately now everything I did is no longer considered as a State Secret.
I still wonder where the money I was promised for my (our) professional contribution went. Unfortunately the man in charge is no longer with us and has probably taken such an economically irrelevant piece of information with him.

Thanks to Roberto Perra of the rhythmic section of the Banda dei Granatieri di Sardegna to which we both belonged and will ever be part of, for sending me this invaluable document.

You can see me in my moustache at 00:39".

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