Tuesday, September 30, 2014


The Almighty Multioptical Entity doesn't do anything other than watching and spying, but it's actual absence doesn't prevent it to rule by fear; so beware and behave, otherwise...

This image is included in the exhibition 'Rione Cassero... in Comics!', organised by the famous comics and cartoon artist Moreno Chiacchiera and displayed at Palazzo Gentili Spinola in Foligno 1-30 September 2014.

This exhibition included works by well-known comics artists and illustrators including:
Stefano Andreucci, Mister Bad, Roberto Baldazzini, Silvia Baroncelli, Roberto Battestini, Luciano Bernasconi (Lube), Francesco Biagini, Fausto Bianchi, Bruno Bozzetto, Manuel Bracchi, Sudario Brando, Daniele Caporali, Sergio Cavallerin, Moreno Chiacchiera, Lido Contemori, Paolo D’Altan, Maurizio Di Vincenzo, Laura Farina, Costanza Favero, Claudia Favilli, Claudio Ferracci, David Ferracci, Cosimo Ferri, Francesco Gaggia, Luciano Gatto, Massimo Giacon, Francesca Greco, Mauro Laurenti, Arturo Lozzi, Mauro Magni, Mauro Marchesi, Corrado Mastantuono, Gaetano Menna, Monica Menozzi, Nicoletta Pagano, Giuseppe Palombo, Giuliano Parodi, Angelo Maria Ricci, Michele Rubini, Paolo Rui, Marco Santucci, Eloisa Scichilone, Stephanie Seymour, Donald Soffritti, Giorgio Sommacal, Aurora Stano, Daniele Statella, Laura Stroppi, Franco Tempesta, Marco Tonus, Antonio Sualzo Vincenti.

Thank you Moreno for the invitation!
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2014 - Acrylic and oil on wood and digital collage.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

GRIMM PRESS a retrospective

Invitation to my new exhibition at National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts in Taichung.
Opening on 13.09.2014 until 13.11.2014
A retrospective on my work carried out for Grimm Press Publishing Company
13-14.09.2014 and 20-21.09.2014 at 2-5pm workshop for kids: "Have fun with drawing: create and be happy!", "玩畫圖 想創意 最快樂" (Characters with character)

Saturday, September 06, 2014


Moonbird -月亮鳥 (2014)
In the middle of the year
when everybody rests
It suddenly appears
like yesteryear and next.

We look upward in wonder
rejoice for its bright shine
as long as it stays yonder
we know it's yours and mine.

Whatever we may do,
wherever we might be
the good luck that it brings
is everyone's gift.

Bird: Chinese Moonbird中國的月亮鳥 

Original painting: Moonbird -月亮鳥
2014 - Acrylic, golden enamel and oil on canvas - 27x22cm (10.6x8.7")