Saturday, December 14, 2013


Creativity is a path to freedom

Do you remember that day in 1972 when the San Francisco skyline changed forever (so to speak) when the Transamerica Pyramid was completed?
They say that a sense of serene fulfillment grabbed the hearts of everyone and that for a day, a smile was the expression that everyone wore on their faces. These combined together into a gigantic smile that rose up for just a moment to the very top of the skyscraper's pinnacle. It was one of those warm evenings when everyone feels at peace with oneself and the universe and forgetful of every day's toiling.
No pictures were taken, no article was written on the press, no governmental statement was issued.
At the end of the day, what was left was a mere feeling, a subdued sensation of calm and hope and, deep within the hearts of those who witnessed the event, the certainty that the impossible, no matter how unbelievable that may be, is just a few millimeters away from common sense.

Original painting: 'EQUILIBRIUM (7)' - Acrylic and oil on 20x20cm canvas

Also this painting is included in the exhibition 'EQUILIBRI', cured by Gianluca Veltri, now on display  at Anadema Hair Stylists in Milano

All artworks displayed here on this blog are for sale. Reproductions are available on demand. It's possible to commission artwork. Please contact me for any queries. 

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

PRESENT IN THE BALANCE (a diptych) - 2013

Present is the period of time unequivocally left in the narrow space between past and future.

Equilibrium, the exhibition cured by Gianluca Veltri at ANADEMA Hair Stylists' in Milan ( is going on with the help of its main character, the horse. Here's one I met the other day in Piazza del Duomo, while on my way to class at IED's. We exchanged polite greetings and parted. They told me the gentle steed is here to report about our present-day illusions for a newspaper of unknown denomination.
To anyone who might send me a copy of such articles would go my utter respect and appreciation.

Original painting: 'Present in the balance' - Acrylic and oil on two 20x20cm canvasses

All artworks displayed here are for sale. Reproductions are available on demand. It's possible to commission artwork. Please contact me for any queries.

Tuesday, December 03, 2013


An animation created for the opening of my 'EQUILIBRI' exhibition cured by Gianluca Veltri, now on display at ANADEMA Hair Cuts in Milano.
Thanks to Antonio Cova for the video editing,
Antonello Brogna for the great electric guitar works and Leo for his violin 'braking'.

Sunday, December 01, 2013


Everyone knows that money doesn't grow on trees, but horses sometimes do.
Yet not so many amongst us pay the attention that such an interesting phenomenon would deserve.

Size 尺寸 20x20cm (7.9x7.9")
Acrylic and oil on canvas 壓克力顏料,油畫顏料,畫布
This painting is now on display in the exhibition 'EQUILIBRIUM' at ANADEMA Hair Stylists Milano - C'so Lodi 1 until February 2014.