Friday, September 13, 2019


"Moon Festival 2019 - Mystery of the 8 rabbits"
Happy Moon Festival everyone!

Acrylic, oil and digital

© Paolo Rui. All rights reserved

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Friday, September 06, 2019

EAST meets WEST at 12 o'clock - 12點整 東方與西方相遇

"East meets West at 12 o'clock - 12點整 東方與西方相遇" (2018)
157x50cm (61.8x19.7") N. 40
Acrylic and oil on canvas - 壓克力顏料,油畫顏料,畫布

I met a man, a gentleman. It was a short time ago, on a Sunday, around noon.
We spoke of his country, a beautiful island, a pearl of the Orient, he sang sweet Italian songs, we ate food from both our countries and cheered together with the other friends we were dining with.
Later I showed him my works and we stopped before this one.
It was an allegory of our encounter. I found out how much I like this painting that I rediscovered and looked with different eyes from those who had seen it painted.
Indeed, after a while, art doesn't belong anymore to the moment and the artist who brought it into existence.
He liked it too, for reasons which are not for me to fathom.
In a moment when art is considered more as an investment than for the pleasure it may offer to our daily lives, it's good to know that from now on someone else will enjoy it, too.

© Paolo Rui. All rights reserved

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