Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Not everyone around this world celebrates Chrimble on Dec.25. Some people of different religious persuasions don't stick to this date and I think this is in itself a beautiful thing, because the more moments and reasons we have to celebrate anything, the better our lives are going to be.
For instance, in five minutes I'm going to celebrate my victory over thirst by drinking a big glass of water.
Life can be beautiful.

I hope this image moves, I've worked on it for hours before the real Christmas. Doesn't anyone know how to post animated GIFs on a blog like this?

Monday, January 28, 2008


I eye
You eye
He/She/It eyes
We eye
You eye
They eye
There are people who really hate this number: they lose their sleep, lose appetite and start looking behind their shoulders to see if the bad guy, I mean the truly really very BAD guy is perchance stalking just them. "Why me?" they think, "I'm just a regular sinner, worse than some, perhaps, but undisputabily better than most".
Why not? I say: "better you than me" and this is also undisputable.