Saturday, February 07, 2009


Space-cruising into the unknown is easier if well supported by one's faith. Without faith, the crew can only withstand the strain by trusting its Captain, therefore having faith in him. But if the Captain has no faith, he can only trust his ship, thus putting his faith in a nice piece of technology, made by men and machines, which occasionally fail. Fortunately there is still hope that a friendly group of yet undiscovered and technologically wise aliens are following each and every move of theirs and, in case of peril, might intervene. But if the aliens have no faith, their own wisdom might lead them to behave in unespected ways not mentioned in the sacred scriptures, therefore in breach of the terrestrial ship's crewmembers's beliefs. But, if, as we said earlier, they have no faith, no major problem might occur. In the worst case scenario, when they all die, they go to hell and bring their captain and the aliens with them. Who cares?

Monday, February 02, 2009


Recession? What recession?
The Ox says that as long as grass grows green he won't worry about such things.
I agree and think pOXitive.