Thursday, April 12, 2012


„Oh yeah, if on one side sparrows are disappearing from our cities, on the other hand one feels the unquenchable thirst of return to Mother Nature, you know? That’s why these hairstyles are becoming like, you know, bushes or cozy nests, something our grandmas already were familiar with and I have rediscovered now. As a matter of fact, the hairstyle can be worn year-long or seasonal, migrations you know?...It saves on shampoo, too“
Calup Bronson

„Eh sì, se da un lato spariscono i passeri nelle città, dall’altra parte si sente sempre più l’esigenza di unirsi a Madre natura, no? Ecco quindi che le chiome divengono cespugli o nidi accoglienti, cosa che le nostre nonne già sapevano e che qui ho riscoperto. Poi il taglio può essere permanente o stagionale, sa le migrazioni...“
Calup Bronson

The tenth painting included in the so far 12-piece series "Occasional Dimorphisms" still on display at Anadema - Lodi, 1 - Milan

30x80cm (12X32")
acrylic and oil on canvas

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