Wednesday, December 11, 2013

PRESENT IN THE BALANCE (a diptych) - 2013

Present is the period of time unequivocally left in the narrow space between past and future.

Equilibrium, the exhibition cured by Gianluca Veltri at ANADEMA Hair Stylists' in Milan ( is going on with the help of its main character, the horse. Here's one I met the other day in Piazza del Duomo, while on my way to class at IED's. We exchanged polite greetings and parted. They told me the gentle steed is here to report about our present-day illusions for a newspaper of unknown denomination.
To anyone who might send me a copy of such articles would go my utter respect and appreciation.

Original painting: 'Present in the balance' - Acrylic and oil on two 20x20cm canvasses

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