Wednesday, August 20, 2014

LADY O'HARE - 奧黑爾女士

2014 - Acrylic, golden enamel and oil on canvas 40x40cm (15.75x15.75")

Lady O'Hare was born in Ballyharry on the East coast of Ireland around 1440. She was an exuberant child and grew with a strong-minded and independent character that didn't fit well with the rigid structure of her clan. She was sent to Italy to learn some manners and travelled around Tuscany until she met the famous dancing master Guglielmo Ebreo da Pesaro (1420-1484) and settled with him in Milano in 1465 when he was put in charge of the celebrations for the wedding of the Duke of Bari with Eleonora d'Aragona. She called her first octuplets Coinín Athbheochan I, Coinín Athbheochan II, Coinín Athbheochan III, Coinín Athbheochana I, Coinín Athbheochan IV, Coinín Athbheochana II, Coinín Athbheochan V, Coinín Athbheochana III.

* Coinín Athbheochan means 'Renaissance Rabbit' in Gaelic.

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