Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Just a few days ago, on July 9th, I attended the opening of the Blog & Nuvole exhibition at Colonne di San Lorenzo, downtown Milano. On display were some reproductions of works carried out by a few of the most important comics illustrators in Italy, including Master Misesti, Massimo Giacon and Enea Riboldi, whom I had the honour to meet and get acquainted with. I was finally delivered a copy of the catalogue, whose cover was designed by Lorenzo Mattotti. My image was pretty much everywhere because it's become the Icon for the whole event. I must say that I've been very lucky once again.
Here's their website:


Luigi Aimè said...

Hello Mr.Rooy! How are you?

I can se you have changed your photo! In the hide part of the picture, is your body fitted in a cannon? :)

Luigi Aimè said...

P.S. Interesting thing this "BLOG & NUVOLE" Exhibition. Is it bossible to partecipate to a selection of works for the next edition?