Wednesday, November 22, 2006

GIM - Genetically Improved Man 1

Everyone knows that in the future genetic engineering will lead to any direction that anyone could possibly imagine today; may that be considered morally acceptable or contravening any religious or ethical standard we may think of, it just will happen.
Therefore I start today to give my humble contribution with some occasional "dibujillos", sketches, to help future generations of genetic engineers figure out how to spend their funds on researches directed to reach the Holy Grail of science: the creation of tomorrow's Man or more simply, the GIM - Genetically Improved Man.

Let's start today with Improvement number 1: the Hand-Nose transfer improvement. It basically greatly improves today's sniffing capabilities, sneezing potentials and deep-digging possibilities.
It's my idea, therefore don't even think to get it patented.

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