Sunday, May 13, 2012

HISTORY 26 - 1401 The Transcendence of Incertitudeness

In honour therof Anapsidanne the Tortoise that upon thos’yeeres of incertitudeness and vacuite of man’spirites, thus wisheth Milan to escorte at slowe thus secure a pace, towardes the future, the burgermeister, the hodmen, the peasantry and the clergie alle bestouen hiere.

A’ la testuggine Anapsidanna che a que’ tempi d’incertitudine et vaghezza de’ spiriti, volse così accompagnar Milano con passo lento, quindi securo, verso lo futuro, lo borgomastro, la manovalanza, lo contado et lo clero tutto, dedicorno.

Acrylic and oil on canvas
Size: 100x70cm

One more painting included in the series "Milano in Bilico (Milan on the wobble)".

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