Friday, September 13, 2019


"Moon Festival 2019 - Mystery of the 8 rabbits"
Happy Moon Festival everyone!

Acrylic, oil and digital

© Paolo Rui. All rights reserved

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Friday, September 06, 2019

EAST meets WEST at 12 o'clock - 12點整 東方與西方相遇

"East meets West at 12 o'clock - 12點整 東方與西方相遇" (2018)
157x50cm (61.8x19.7") N. 40
Acrylic and oil on canvas - 壓克力顏料,油畫顏料,畫布

I met a man, a gentleman. It was a short time ago, on a Sunday, around noon.
We spoke of his country, a beautiful island, a pearl of the Orient, he sang sweet Italian songs, we ate food from both our countries and cheered together with the other friends we were dining with.
Later I showed him my works and we stopped before this one.
It was an allegory of our encounter. I found out how much I like this painting that I rediscovered and looked with different eyes from those who had seen it painted.
Indeed, after a while, art doesn't belong anymore to the moment and the artist who brought it into existence.
He liked it too, for reasons which are not for me to fathom.
In a moment when art is considered more as an investment than for the pleasure it may offer to our daily lives, it's good to know that from now on someone else will enjoy it, too.

© Paolo Rui. All rights reserved

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Thursday, August 22, 2019


This is a very practical art tool I often use when in Yuanli. It's became a staple tool in my creations and I truly miss it when I am elsewhere. That brings to mind a question if an artist can be identified with his/her/its tools and techniques or there's something else underlying everything. Nowadays many of us can still make interesting art without electricity?

Picture taken near Tsai-Tien Printmaking studio in Yuanli, Taiwan

© Paolo Rui. All rights reserved

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Tuesday, August 06, 2019

LETTER to the LAND - Art Exhibition

You are all invited to the Great opening of my new exhibition at YuMuseum in Li Xiping, Zhuolan, Miaoli County, Taiwan.

This exhibition, besides including some previously made paintings, includes many new works created here during my residency at Master Yu Dengwei's 余燈銓 home.

This event will see the participation of Zhuolan Town, Miaoli County Mayor Zhan Jinzhang, Yu Art Museum Director Yu Dengwei and Li Ping, Li Ping, Xipingli, Zhuolan Town, Miaoli County
Chairman of the Xiping Industrial and Cultural Development Association of Zhuolan, Miaoli County.

Thanks to all of them for this fantastic opportunity to show my works on the green hills of Zhuolan, an area famous all over the island for the quality of its fruit and produce which, in this protected area, are cultivated organically and sold directly to customers.

Original artwork: "Stamp 1 - Oriental Pear"
Acrylic and oil on Arches 100% cotton paper - 36x57cm

Bird: Taiwanese Red Oriole, 台灣朱鸝 

More news will follow

Monday, July 22, 2019

MASTER YU's ART - Zhuolan

During my art residency in Zhuolan, I am staying at Master Yu's (余灯铨) studio. Here's a short video of one of his recent exhibitions that includes many of the artworks that surround his house and that I can see just stepping out of the door. It's serene art, snapshots of a life that somehow we lived in our youth and that we would like to live again. Tonight, while I was watching him work on a new project he told me: "When I work on a happy child sculpture like this, I must feel his happiness, otherwise my work would have no meaning"

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Monday, July 15, 2019

SUMMER STORY Exhibition's promotion

From Zhudong to Zhubei, Art knows no rest. Tomorrow opens a Summer long collective exhibition at 一諾藝術 INNO ART gallery, curated by Ms. Yvette Lin. As those who follow me already know, I have often showed off the proclivity and skills of Taiwan's art world operators in promoting art in all possible ways and by all means. Here's one of many busy intersections with a few of the SUMMER STORY exhibtion participating artists' works. Art is, and must be, as various as life.

Zhubei, Taiwan.

INNO ART on Facebook
INNO ART website

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Friday, July 12, 2019


Thanks to Giacomo Trovato of Altro Spazio D'Arte for showcasing my works a few days ago on.
To find that little display of mine, you can just click here

© Paolo Rui. All rights reserved

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Thursday, July 11, 2019


New month and new exhibition in Taiwan: SUMMER STORY, a collective exhibition curated and hosted by @inno_art in Zhubei, near Hsinchu, in the heart of Taiwan's 'Silicon valley'. On display from July 16 and until August 31st are works by well-known artists @藝術家, @王惠仁、@徐明豐, @陶文岳, @饒文貞 @TinnakornKasornsunan and yours truly #路跑樂 (Paolo Rul)!
It's a honour for me to have been invited. News will follow soon.
Thanks to Yvette Lin for inviting me in.

Zhubei, Taiwan.

INNO ART on Facebook
INNO ART website

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Monday, July 08, 2019

NOTE.BOOK My very first notebook!

NOTE.BOOK 1, my very first illustrated notebook is now unavailable in the best stores and, as a matter of fact, also in the worst ones. If you would like to get this 96 pages, limited edition and custom signed elegant piece of stationery, just contact me.
You can write on it (really)!
Yo can scribble on it!
You can draw on it!
You can note your dirty little secrets, complain about your government or compose music and poems for the Martian that one day will take you to his or her castle on that not so distant planet. 
Ask Elon Musk for a one-way or roundtrip fare.

When you go, send me a postcard; in the meantime get your copy of my very first NOTE.BOOK 1!
17x17x0.8cm, or if you are skeptical of the metric system it's about 6.6x6.6x1/3'.

Happy day.

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