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HISTORY 19 - 1719 The time losses

To Perrovicomaria the steed, a quadruped of unquestionable virtue, which brought the city to safety against the useless time squandering of '17, part of the citizenry eternally grateful placed here.

Al destriero Perrovicomaria, quadrupede di indiscutibili virtù, che portò la città a salvamento dalle inutili perdite di tempo del ’17, parte della cittadinanza semper in temporis grata posit.

“Sir James Tiltanslant was the most unfortunate victim of the events I’m here not allowed to disclose if not in the least detailed fashion to you, so may history bear me testimony, I swear to be true.
Due to his excessively unbecoming addiction to speed he met his creator well before his time in a melodramatic accident which occurred whilst involved in some experiments with steam and bronze pipes he was attempting to carry out, to the dismay of his family and friends whom, alas to no avail, urged him repeatedly to come to his senses and become a lawyer instead. The power of steam was the means he thought of to fulfill his ambition to exceed the speed of birds to such an extent as doomed impossible by men of all sciences. The day came when, in front of a conspicuous community of professionals in the fields of mathematics, ballistics and physics, he set himself into an experiment so disturbing in terms of foolishness and utter lack of sensibility to all that’s scientific, to be ridiculous, if not for the seriousness of Sir James in his determination to pursue it.
The machine he had thus devised was a monstruosity in sheer terms of size and appearance. My description can’t pay in the least the due respect to the device for the lack of words to fully represent it, but let’s just say that…. (the recovered text ends here)”
From the self-penned memoirs by Lord Gibberoy Southerlund, 1734

Chi col tempo corre audace
e disdegna il buon ristoro
che la calma e la sua pace
ad altri son tesoro
giunge prima di quel gregge
a’ sua meta di costoro,
ma il dettaglio sfugge
ei non nota il canarino
ambasciator del suo destino.

Ode al passeggio di Pierpiero Metaberto 1723

Acrylic and oil on jute
Size: 58x41cm

One more painting included in the series "Milano in Bilico (Milan on the wobble)".

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